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Update: Taskforce Security

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The vast range of SME’s seeking finance through Linked Finance is undoubtedly one of our strengths; if you’re a lender you are bound to find an interesting business to support and borrowers can be confident that no matter how niche your industry, our community will support you and fulfil your loan. Our latest borrower update comes from Taskforce Security. Since its formation in 2009, Task Force has established itself as a leading provider of Security
Services in Dublin and across Ireland. The team have a combined 50 years experience in the security industry and pride themselves on the quality of their service, offering a broad range of services and the very best in security technology.

We spoke to Rik de Jager to see how business has been since they received their loan in 2014;

Since we got the loan of €20 000 from Linked Finance, Taskforce Security was in a position to send out an additional €20 000 – €30 000 worth of invoices per month, since September 2014. The loan received from Linked Finance was used as a capital injection into the company in order to take on this additional business and in turn to pay wages on the new business. The company had the best 8 months since it was set up in 2010 with invoices raised of approximately €1 million during this period.

As a matter of fact February 2015 was our second best month since we started and October 2014 the best. The forecast for the foreseeable future looks very good and we should be in a position to employ an additional 10 or so new staff members.

Once again, thank you for the loan received from Linked Finance, as a result of this 70 other people in the company benefit from this due to job creation.

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