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Update: Liberties Press

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Ireland’s rich literary heritage is one of the things that makes our little island count amongst the cultural heavyweights of the global stage. From Joyce, Kavanagh and Yeats to Bowen and Binchy, our authors and poets have produced some of the world’s best known and best loved works.

This literary tradition is helped in no small part by the plethora of brilliant publishing houses in Ireland, one of which is the Liberties Press. Founded in 2003, Liberties Press has grown to become Ireland’s leading independent publisher, publishing everything from fiction to poetry and ensuring the highest creative standards. Last year they received a loan through Linked Finance so we spoke to MD Seán O’Keefe for an update;

Liberties has started the year with a bang: we’re selling out of most of the titles (working off lower print runs than at the height of the boom), with key releases including “Silicon Docks“, edited by Irish Times journalist Pamela Newenham, and “Suicide: A Modern Obsession” by Pat Devitt and Derek Beattie. We’re taking on staff and, most importantly, there’s a new, more buoyant mood among publishers, booksellers and book buyers. We wouldn’t be where we are now without the finance we received last autumn from the Linked Finance community. We very much appreciate the support.

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