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Make a Splash with Viking Tours

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Since we started lending to businesses in 2013 we’ve been lucky enough to be able to support SME’s from every sector and county in Ireland. Now, we launch perhaps one of the most unique and interesting loans we’ve ever done.

Viking Splash Tours are well known to Dubliners, both for their eye catching bright yellow DUKW vehicles and their ear catching roars of passengers as they tour both the streets and waterways of Dublin. With a current fleet of 7, the authentic World War 2 amphibious vehicles carried over 144,000 passengers in 2014, their biggest year to date.


Due to changes in vehicle standards over the years, there is no supplier of an EU certified passenger carrying amphibious vehicle so Viking Splash Tours took it upon themselves to design and build an entirely new passenger carrying amphibious vehicle. The intention being that they can expand their existing Dublin fleet and then start to expand into new cities, becoming a world leader in splash tours and passenger carrying amphibious vehicles. Research and development has been carried out by their subsidiary, SalamanderAV who are based in Belfast.


When it came to funding the last phase of design and then manufacturing, Viking Splash knew the alternative finance route was perfect for a business as unique as theirs. And so, they are now raising €50,000 on our platform, the first of two loans this year. If you would like to be a part of this new era of amphibious vehicles and see your investment around Dublin city centre then head over to our Marketplace to support Viking Splash Tours.