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The special offers just keep on coming.

We know you want to get a great financial return on your business lending but Linked Finance is about so much more.

You also want to support great local businesses and you deserve to be rewarded for that.

That’s why from now on we’ll be working with more and more of our new borrowers to create great special offers for our lenders.

It’s a win-win. Our borrowers get to promote their businesses, win new customers and encourage more competitive bids.

Our lenders get to receive fantastic discounts, gifts and other incentives on top of the usual great returns that you get from Linked Finance.

This is going to come in very handy in the run up to Christmas. Think of all the discounted presents that you could be crossing off your list 🙂

These are just some of the types of offers that you’ll be seeing a lot more of:

  • Percentage discounts on products & services.
  • Once off offers on unique product lines and opportunities.
  • Vouchers, coupons and online promo codes.
  • Free gifts and rewards.
  • Special events and showcases.

We’ll have offers from every business sector, so make sure to keep an eye out for new special offers with every loan that goes live.

Don’t miss out:

When reading the business profile & financials of any given loan please also click on the tab ‘Special Offer’ and discover how you can qualify for these additional deals.

With 2 loans going LIVE every day, there’ll be something for everyone.