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Refer A Friend for €50

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Don’t keep Linked Finance to yourself.

We’ve got a new bidder bonus this month, so we thought we better come up with something for our long-term lenders…

This is for the existing users who have lent €2,000 or more with Linked Finance.

November is going to be our biggest month yet. We’ll have lots of great new businesses for you to support.

That means there’ll be plenty of loans to go around. So don’t keep quiet about the great returns your friends and family could be making with Linked

Finance. Let them get in on the action too.

It’s not just the decent thing to do. Now there’s something in it for you as well…

If you get a friend to sign up as a lender in November, you’ll get €50 credited to your Linked Finance account.

Just tell a few close friends or family members about Linked Finance. Show them the site. Tell them about the benefits. Teach them how to sign up. And make sure they include your email address as the promo code. [Obviously, it has to be the email address you used when signing up to Linked Finance.]

If we receive a genuine new lender with your email address as the promo code, we’ll credit €50 to your Linked Finance account.

They will have to be a genuine new lender and identities will be verified but once they reach €500 in successful bids, you’ll get your Refer-A-Friend reward.

There is no limit to how many new users you can bring on board. As long as they are genuine new accounts that sign-up in November 2015, you’ll get the reward whenever we see your email address in the Promo Code field.

Go on. What are you waiting for?

Get out there and spread the word about Linked Finance.

Terms & conditions apply. Offer ends 1/10/15.