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Big news for waste disposal companies

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A new measure being brought in by the government could mean big business, and a whole lot of new customers, for waste disposal companies.

First reported in the Irish Examiner, Irish citizens will have to provide an explanation to the local authorities as to how their waste is disposed of.

New legislation is being drafted to clamp down on illegal dumping and other unlawful disposal practices. Currently there an estimated 330,000 people not using one of the authorised methods of removing domestic waste.

With these laws expected to be in place in July of this year, companies specialising in waste disposal could be getting a whole lot busier in 2016.

Under the new proposals, waste disposal companies will be obliged to provide details of their customer database to their relevant government authorities. Legally, people still will be obligated to hire a kerbside collection service.

However, since there will no hiding from Environmental Protection Agency, it is expected that Irish people will have no choice but to turn to the professionals rather run the risk of fines and imprisonment for repeat offences.

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