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Buying a used tractor? Read this first.

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If you’re thinking of buying a used tractor then you need to make sure you’re making an informed choice. Whether you decide to buy online or from a dealership it helps to be vigilant.

We can all kick the tyres but with so many other things to watch out for, where do you start? Here’s a checklist to help you get value for money.

Look for signs of weathering.
Tractors that have been kept in a shed are invariably better maintained, so watch for peeling paint or bulging tires (classic signs of outdoor storage). Take note of the depth of the tyre tracks too as tyres that are close to needing replacement will distort the value of the deal.

Insist upon seeing the tractor up and running. Lift the hood and look for any sign of leaks from the engine or the hydraulics. Take a screwdriver with you and hold against the engine block. Listen out for any rattling or scratching sounds. When the engine is off check the air filter. Manufacturer guidelines say this should be replaced regularly. A dirty filter is another sign that the machine has not been looked after properly.

Cab fixtures and fittings
Tractors, of course, get dirty, but a cab that isn’t well kept should be a warning sign. New models may have electronics so be sure to check that all systems and monitors are working condition as these can expensive to replace.

Power Take-Off (PTO) Shaft
Be sure to check that the PTO meets the RPM standards you require. If possible, and if it’s within your budget, buy a tractor that exceeds your requirements. This will make it more fuel efficient. You also never know when your needs will increase as your business grows.

Availability of parts
Accidents happens and tractors break down. Check to see whether or nor spare parts are readily available, and how much they cost for the particular model you’re looking at.

Maintenance logs
Ask for any and all documentation. Be wary of vehicles that have had extensive work done over the years. If you can find out what the tractor was previously used to give you an idea of its ear and tear.

Remember once you buy it, it’s yours, so be sure to do your homework.

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