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Depositing Funds Has Never Been Easier

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Depositing funds into your Linked Finance account has never been easier. Keeping your funds topped up means you’ll never miss out on a loan you like due to insufficient funds.

When depsoiting funds, simply log into your Linked Finance account, click on my ‘My Account’, click ‘Summary‘ , and then click ‘Deposit Funds‘. 

Just input the amount you wish to deposit and select the method. There are three different methods you can deposit funds to your Linked Finance account. Below is a brief explanation of each method, so you can choose which best suits you.

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Debit & Credit Card

The quickest way to deposit funds to your account is using a debit or credit card. There is no fee involved in a debit card transfer but a 2% fee may be incurred if you are using a credit card. 

To deposit funds by these means, click ‘Deposit Funds‘, and select your method, which in this case will be either Debit Card or Credit Card. By clicking on either you will be brought to a new window where you will be asked for your card details. Once entered, the funds shall transfer pretty quickly and you can start lending straight away.

Cards are a great way to transfer funds instantly and you can do it all from within your Linked Finance account. 

What if you don’t have a debit card for the account your funds are in or what if you want to transfer more than the card limit will allow?

Not to worry…

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Bank Transfer

An electronic funds transfer lets you send money directly from your bank account to your Linked Finance account. This method is free but may take a few days to transfer the funds depending on what bank you’re with.

This method does require you to access both your Linked Finance account and your bank account. To start, simply click ‘Deposit Funds‘, then select ‘Bank Transfer‘ and enter the amount you want to deposit.  When you click ‘Continue’ a deposit record will be created in your Linked Finance account. 

This will contain instructions which will provide you with our bank account details and a unique reference. Take note of this information and then log into your online banking.

Set up a transfer as you normally would and use the Linked Finance account information that was provided. Make sure to quote the unique reference and remember it can take a few days to land in your Linked Finance account.

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Standing Order

If you don’t want to manually transfer funds each month, you could choose to set up a standing order. This will instruct your bank to make fixed monthly deposits into your Linked Finance account. 

To do this, simply click ‘Deposit Funds‘, then click ‘Standing Order‘. Follow the on screen instructions. Again, you will be given a unique Linked Finance reference code and the relevant Linked Finance account information.

Note this information and log-in to your online banking, where you should be able to set up a standing order. This method is great for serious lenders with a long-term strategy. 


If you ever have any difficulties in depositing funds, don’t hesitate to get in contact with our customer service team on 01 906 0300 or email

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