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Healthy export opportunities for your food business abroad.

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According to a recent report from An Bord Bia there is more than enough room in the Spanish market for Irish-produced, gluten free products.

These exciting export opportunities are due to the number people in Spain who are suffering from celiac disease, with rates particularly high amongst adults.

Several different studies done on this are reporting that around 1% of all Spaniards are sufferers. However, that figure may be substantial larger as 75% of patients go undiagnosed.

Where previously it had been thought in Spain that celiac disease only affected children, statistics have revealed that 20% of those diagnosed are over the age of 60.

So, what does this mean for Irish businesses producing gluten-free products? The demand for these items is expected to swell in the coming years, meaning that Irish businesses looking to expand into Europe have a new option available to them.

A report from Euromonitor (April, 2015) stated that sales of products marketed at sufferers of all food intolerances will reach €475.9 million in 2018, up by 67% from 2014’s figure of €285 million. This is all in addition to the increased demand for healthier food from the general consumer too. 

If you’re a gluten-fee food producer looking to increase your European sales, contact An Bord Bia to see what opportunities are available for you.

And if you ever need a loan to fund a marketing expansion, you know who to talk to. We’ve already helped lots of Irish food businesses to grow and we would love to help fund your next forray into an overseas market…



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