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Get ready for your close up

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If a picture paints a thousand words, what does your business profile photo on Linked Finance say about you and your business? Remember, people lend to people.

The best performing borrowers on Linked Finance are the ones that connect with lenders. That connection starts with your photos. So send us some high-quality images of you and the other key team members.

Even if you haven’t got a top-of-the-range camera, most phones can produce decent images nowadays. So arrange a few minutes today and organise some great pictures for your profile on Linked Finance.

Here’s a few handy tips to help you take the type of photos that lenders will love.

  1. Put yourself in the frame: It is important that people get to see you as well as your business. If you are the driving force behind the business make sure that our lenders see you front and centre. Include other key members of your team too.
  1. Send a selection: We’d like a minimum of 5 good pictures for each business that goes ‘live’ on the site. Sending us more than this will help ensure that we can find 5 really good ones to use. You’re probably not using ‘old school’ photo film so keep clicking and give us plenty of images to choose from. 
  1. Keep it fresh: If you have a selection of slick, professional photos that were taken recently, that’s great. Send them in. Otherwise, take some new shots. You want pictures that show your business as it is now. The more recent the better.
  1. Look sharp: Make sure that your picture is taken with a decent quality camera. You want to make sure your picture is as high resolution as possible. Get the focus right. Make sure the shot is well lit. And get your subjects as close to the camera as possible. Our lenders love close up shots of smiling faces.
  1. Keep it real: Show your business and its people in their best light. But don’t force everyone to get suited and booted if that’s not what they wear on the job. Be natural. 
  1. Size matters: Bigger is better. Send us full-size versions of the images you take. We can resize them for the website easy enough. What we can’t do is make small, blurry images magically bigger and sharper. Keep them in landscape too. The profile pictures on the site are wider rather than taller so keep your phone sideways when snapping.
  1. Have fun: This shouldn’t be a chore. Keep it fun and keep everyone smiling. Use it as an opportunity to share your plans with other people in the business who may not be aware of your campaign on Linked Finance. Make it a team event and get everyone involved.

Once you’ve got some great photos you can email them to me directly. Attach them to an email and send them to

Happy snapping!

If you really want photos that look like they were taken by a pro, download these 10 top tips that will take your pics to the next level…



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