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Get Your Loan Off To A Flyer

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If you’re a shop, a restaurant, a café, or any other business that gets a lot of foot traffic through the door, try to get your customer on board with your crowd funding campaign…

A great way of turning customers into lenders is by printing posters and flyers that tell people about your plans for growth and your campaign on Linked Finance.

The poster and flyer should explain what Linked Finance is, how lenders will benefit from signing up to the site, and how they will benefit from supporting your business.  

Fly It High
Flyers are a great way of providing information to your customers. For most of the time, people are in a hurry and don’t want to stay and chat about the goings on in your business. Flyers provide this information in a quick and easy to read format, which your customers can take home and read at their discretion.

Post It Up
Posters are another great way to let customers now about your crowdfunding campaign when they visit your premises. The hope is that people will read the poster and ask you about it. Placement is important.

Look around, see where the best places are in your premises to put them. If there’s an area where people congregate in like a queue, magazine rack or notice board, put them there. You will know the best places.

Design Of The Times
You’ll probably want a bespoke design that fits in with your own branding. I’d always recommend leaving design to the professionals and most printers will have a designer in-house who can help you to create a professional flyer or poster at a reasonable rate.

If you would like to do it yourself, we’ve put together some standard templates that you could use. If you like the design you can just send it off to your printer. If you want to make changes, we have included the design file so you or your printer can make modifications.



Press Print
Once you’ve got a design you love, it’s time to hit ‘print’. If you dont have a printer that you work with, here are three printers who know exaclty what raising a loan through Linked Finance is like. 

These print businesses have all successfully used Linked Finance so they’ll understand what you are trying to do…

Quantum Fullfillment:

Mochua Print: 

Print Bureau: