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Growing the Irish meat industry in 2016 and beyond…

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The opportunities available for Irish meat producers are growing year on year.

With the world’s population set to swell by over 10 billion people by 2030, it is expected that there will be a 50% increase in the demand for food. Major Irish food producers are already gearing up to meet this demand by improving their facilities and growing their personnel.

According to Simon Coveney, the Minister for Agriculture, an export goal has been set of €19 billion for the Irish meat industry in 2025. Last year saw Irish producers set a new record of €10.5 billion. This has been detailed in Food Wise 2025, the government’s new agri-food strategy.

Over the next decade this initiative hopes that Ireland can increase the value of exports by 85% to €19bn, push the value added to the sector by 70% to €13bn, and grow the value of primary production by 65% to €10bn.

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