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4 Top Health Food Trends for 2016

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For Irish health food stores it’s vital to keep abreast of industry trends and consumer demands. Here are some of the growing markets tipped for continued growth in 2016.

1. Organic Foods
The past few years has seen the organic food market segment grow rapidly. It is expected to continue its growth for the forseeable future. The organic food movement should continue growing in popularity as consumers become increasingly aware of pesticides and genetically modified foods.

2. Free From
Although very few consumers have diagnosed intolerances for wheat, gluten and dairy, there is still a growing sense among consumers that products excluding these ingredients are inherently better for us. Products that can claim to be “free from” such things are likely to grow in popularity.

3. Healthy Snacks
People love to graze between meals. Coupled with the trend towards eating clean foods, healthy snacks are the fastest growing segment within the organic and natural foods markets. 

4. Protein Alernatives
There has been a definite move away from meat-based protein and towards vegetarian protein sources like quinoa, chickpeas and other plant-based protein. Vegans were once considered a small niche market, however this is changing.

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