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How to grow your business on Facebook and other social media.

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Social media is a fantastic way to connect with your customers, allowing you to share with them your latest offers and newest products instantly. If you’re clever it can be a really valuable, and a cost-effective online marketing tool. Here are a few tips to help you better engage your target market.


Brevity is your friend.

People go on social media to unwind after a day’s work (or sometimes during!). There’s no point posting long, meandering blocks of text (no matter how well-written they are) because people just won’t read them. Instead, try to keep your posts short, pithy and engaging. Give the customer a little taste and pique their interest.

Don’t be so serious.

In a similar vein, relax a little. Facebook ( and Twitter et al) is used primarily for fun. If you can find a way to make your posts entertaining, or at least light-hearted, then you stand a much greater chance of getting people to engage.

Mix things up.

Try to vary your content between photos, videos and blogs. No-one wants to see the same type of things over and over.

Post with purpose.

Think before you post. What effect are you hoping to have on the customer? Are you trying to entertain, excite or entice them? Being clear on what you want to happen will help you clarify your message.

Celebrate the customer.

Photos of happy, satisfied customers using or engaging with your product are brilliant marketing tools. You’ve heard of employee of the month, why not customer of the month?


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