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How to market your hotel online. A guide.

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If your hotel is struggling to attract guests then maybe it’s time to liven up your marketing strategy…

We’ve put together a few tips to help you market your hotel online: 

Social Media
Savvy hoteliers are using Facebook, Twitter and Trip Advisor to their advantage, effectively outsourcing their marketing to the best brand ambassadors out there; the guests! Invite your guests to connect with you on social media and share their adventures with others.

You could incentivise this by offering rewards and discounts to thank them for their help. Put time into your social media content, or have an interested and talented staff member look after it. When replying to negative reviews or comments online be as considered as you can. Remember that guests will read these too. See them as an opportunity to win back a customer, and not to lose 50 more.

An online blog on your website is a great place to share information on your facilities, local amenities and attractions. You don’t have to focus solely on your business either. Offer the customer value by featuring other fun things to do or things to see in your town or city. It could be a great way to form business partnerships, and they might just return the favour.

Professional Video
Videos are a brilliant way to show off your property and even your amazing staff. However, a poorly filmed and edited one can do more harm than good. Ok, it doesn’t have to be an Oscar contender, but you certainly want it to be good.

Write better copy
“Stunning mountain views”. “On the banks of the river”. We’ve read all of that before. What can be said about your hotel that can’t be said about any other? Think outside the box, capture your audiences imagination or hire a professional copywriter to make your hotel stand out from the crowd. Shop around and you’ll find someone who can deliver for your budget.

If you’re looking to finance a new marketing strategy, talk to us about how peer to peer lending could be the solution.



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