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Fixed-Rate Loans Funding Fast

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We recently launched fixed-rate loans and they’ve been funding in record time.

In response to great interest from business owners across the country, we recently launched our new fixed-rate loan product.

These fixed-rate loans differ from the normal loans. Unlike our typical live auctions, where the interest rate is determined by the market, fixed-rate loans are assigned a predetermined interest rate. This gives business owners more certainty when choosing to use the Linked Finance platform.

In May, the first fixed rate loan hit the public marketplace and it funded in record time. Omega Pest Control, a specialist provider of high-quality and efficient hygiene solutions, successfully raised a 36-month loan of €30,000. The request took just over 12 hours to fund at 8.8%!

Mick Walsh, owner and managing director of Omega, said; This was our first time to use Linked Finance, we were pleasantly surprised with how fast & smooth everything went. I couldn’t believe how quickly the loan closed and we had the funds in our account the very next day. For us the fixed-rate loan was brilliant.”

 “It was great to have certainty about the rate too. I’ve no doubt that these new fixed-rate loans will prove very popular with SMEs right across Ireland. Linked Finance really get what it’s like to run your own business and they seem totally committed to helping local businesses get access to the funds they need to grow.”

Fixed-rate loans are just one in a series of innovative new business loan products we are introducing to the market. We’ve also just launched 12 month loans and private, off-market loans which are helping to attract an even wider range of SMEs to our site. 

If you are interested in a fixed-rate or 12-month business loan from Linked Finance, apply now and our credit team will get back to you within 8 business hours. 


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