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Loan Book Report Q2 2016

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Here is the most recent update of our loan book report. It looks at all loans originated up to 30th June 2016.
We’ve made some changes to the format; adding new information and changing the way that some of the existing metrics are calculated.

You can get a full explanation of relevant changes below…

As you will see we have chaged the way some information is shown:

  • Loans by Year – you may note slight variations in the number of loans originated by year. This is because we have changed the criteria to ‘date loan was accepted by the borrower’ rather than the ‘auction ended’ date. This is to bring it in line with our ‘Arrears by Year of Issue’ analysis.
  • Default Rate – the report now displays a default rate. This is defined as the amount of principal outstanding on loans that are in arrears more than 120 days, expressed as a percentage of the total loan book value.
  • >=30 Days Late & >= 90 Days Late – In response to a valid lender request, we now display the total principal outstanding on these loans rather than just the arrears.
  • Arrears by Year of Issue – This analysis shows the levels of loan value and corresponding defaults by year of issue.

If you ever have queries about a specific loan that you are involved in, please feel free to contact We are always happy to assist in any way we can.

Edit: This report was updated on 7.10.2016 to correct a misclassification of one loan within in the ‘Arrears by Year of Issue’ section and to include one additional missed repayment. All figures are now displayed correctly. Alan Fagan.