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3 Great Inventory Management Solutions

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Keeping track of your inventory is crucial for every small retailer. A reliable piece of software that alerts you to items that you’re running low on, and keeping track of your best-sellers could make a big difference to your bottom line. 

Here are some of the best inventory management solutions we’ve found.

Remember, this is just a quick run-down to get you started. Be sure to check out the exact specifications to find the one that’s best for you…



The beauty of this software is that it can be integrated with your online sales and marketing strategies to give you a comprehensive overview of your stock.

The newest version is also compatible with QuickBooks (our number one rated accountancy package for small businesses).

You can even test TradeGecko for free with a 14-day trial to see if it is for you. Check it out Here.



Although it’s older than some other programmes on the market (making its layout a little harder to master), this is still a useful and reliable system.

They’ve also made some recent upgrades to the software to bring parts of it more in-line with other, modern alternatives.

One big drawback though is that it can’t be combined with accountancy or e-commerce software.

Still, it’s the “old reliable” programme so it’s well worth your time evaluating Brightpearl



We simply had to have this on the list for one reason… it’s free! The price is definitely right and it has plenty of useful features too.

If you’re not quite ready to make the investment in a premium package then this is a great place to start.

Naturally, it won’t have the same power or bells and whistles as the premium alternatives, but it’s a perfect “entry-level” option.

Check it out here and get yourself up and running with an inventory management solution that won’t cost you a cent.


Hopefully this gives you a little more information to go on before you make a choice.

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