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Update: Mr. Waffle

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Mr. Waffle, ( from Galway, would like to thank the 137 lenders at Linked Finance who supported them a few months ago.

Update: Chia Bia

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The last three months has been hectic here at Chia bia in Tramore, Co. Waterford. The funding we received from Linked Finance has enabled us to acquire a new milling machine which has streamlined production processes on site allowing us to become a more efficient operation.

This news has also been confirmed by ISO 9001:9008, identifying us as operating a quality management system for the importing, processing, storing and distribution of Chia seed and Chia products. Not only that, but Chia bia has also been the happy recipient of a National Enterprise Award for Best Exporter, in recognition of our overseas success. Of course, all this means we have had to employ three new extra staff to deal with the extra workload and

2014 is looking very bright, not least because we have four new gluten free biscuits ready to be launched onto the health food trade this month whilst continuing to grow all of our markets.

What Bloomberg thinks of ‘Crowd Funding’ and ‘P2P’ lending

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On a June morning in midtown Manhattan, more than 300 investors cram into a conference room at the Convene Innovation Center, nibbling on pastries and waiting for Renaud Laplanche to take the stage. As founder and chief executive officer of LendingClub Corp., Laplanche has rock star status at this inaugural LendIt conference, where Wall Street investment managers clamor for insight into the world of peer-to-peer lending.

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A Macro Economic look at ‘crowd funding’ Worldwide

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John Stuart Mills, an English economist, once explained “a crash doesn’t destroy wealth, it merely reflects the extent to which wealth has already been destroyed by stupid investments made during the preceding boom.” This explanation suits the origins of the 2008 banking crisis.