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The cream is rising for the Irish dairy industry

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Irish dairy producers are experiencing a rise in fortunes recently. The long-imposed milk quotas have been lifted and dairy farmers are reaping the rewards.

French trade magazine, Lineaires, agrees, with journalist for the publication Agathe Lejuene commenting that “In Ireland, the future of milk is green”. Her comments follow her visit to Ireland in October of 2015.

She also added that the Irish industry is lauded across Europe for its sustainable production initiatives. Nationally, Ireland is producing milk on a record scale. A goal of 7.5 billion litres (an increase of 50%) has been set for Irish dairy producers by 2020. Ms. Lejeune did note however that Irish cows are on average producing over 1000 litres less than their French counterparts.

The national sustainability programme, Origin Green, has been put in plan to systematically improve the Irish industry and to meet its objectives across Ireland’s 18,000 dairy farms.

Ms Lejeune called this initiative “an impressive display of national unity”, built around its three pillars of raw materials; sourcing, manufacturing processes and social responsibility, and “based on individually set, achievable, measurable improvement targets,”. “Origin Green is not designed to be completed and then forgotten. It is a long-term commitment to progress,” she wrote.

Another major credit to the Irish dairy sector is the ability of Irish farmers to move up the value chain and turn commodites like milk, into successful value added brands.

One shining example of that is Linked Finance client, Killowen Farm. Run by the Dunne family, who have been farming in the parish of Courtnacuddy for nine generations, Killowen Yogurts were born 25 years ago and are the only yogurt brand in Ireland to be produced with milk that comes exclusively from one farm.

These handcrafted luxury yogurts offer consumers a unique artisan food experience. The luxurious yogurts now feature in retailers across the country. Here’s Nicholas Dunne talking about his experience with Linked Finance.


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