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The First Fifty

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We made the move to fixed rate loans back in August. Here’s a look at the first 50 graded fixed-rate loans to hit the marketplace.
As you will see, loans are funding faster than ever and the new Autobid tool is becoming increasingly popular with over 37% of bids coming in automatically as soon as loans go live. Here’s the analysis… As you can see, loans are coming through and funding a lot faster than under the old model. The new Autobid tool is proving popular and loans are being accepted quicker. To ensure you don’t miss out on loans as they hit the marketplace consider setting up some Autobid rules or at the very least sign up for the automatic alerts that are published when a new loan goes live. You can do this in the ‘My Details’ section of the site… My_Details-1.png Just tick the box beside ‘Send me an email when a new loan is published’ and then hit ‘Update Notification Preferences’ to confirm. Easy