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Rosey Broderick from, has given us some great tips on improving your SME website and getting more business online. Here’s the first one.

Make your website mobile responsive
We are all well aware of how many people are now using mobile devices to access the Internet. We are impatient, we expect ease of use as the norm. We don’t want to have to squeeze or pinch our screens to view website pages.
How frustrating we find it if we do try to take an action like fill out a form and then come to a required field on the form that we can’t complete on our mobile device. We abandon ship, with a bad taste in our mouth.
Much of the web isn’t mobile responsive. With the huge range of difference screen sizes across mobile phones, tablets, phablets, desktops, game consoles, Kindles, TV’s and now also wearables, there are endless ways information needs to be presented for Internet users to be easily able to interact with your information.
It is now vital that our websites adapt to suit the different screen sizes our visitors are using. Screen sizes will always be changing. Our sites layout needs to adapt so that the user, regardless of their device, can easily read and interact with your site.
Going mobile will really help you to win more business online.
Take the test and see if your site meets Google standards!
If your site isn’t mobile responsive and you want to take action, contact Rosey at
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