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Finance Faster Guide

A guide to short-term business loans from Linked Finance. This document looks at the benefits and uses of our 12-month loans for SMEs.

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Future Funding Guide

A guide to alternative sources of finance for Irish SMEs. This document looks at a wide range of innovative new finance solutions for Irish firms.

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Millennial Entrepreneurs Thumb.jpg

Millennial Entrepreneurs

Looks at how this fearless, tech-savvy generation of new entrepreneurs will change the business world including the financial sector.

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Picture Perfect Guide

10 top tips for taking great photos for promoting your business. A look how you can show your business in its best light without a big budget. 

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Working Together Guide

A look at the benefits of our partnership programme and how we can help the Irish SMEs that you serve.

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7 Next Level Business Insights

Learn how to take your business to the next level with expert advice and actionable insights from some of Ireland's leading entrepreneurs. 

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