With business loans

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24 hours,

The difference is Linked Finance

With approval in 24 hours,

the difference is Linked Finance

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We offer small business loans, working capital loans and stocking loans to suit your individual requirements and need for capital flow.  We promise easy applications, quick decisions, dedicated account managers and access to business finance of up to €300,000 in just 24 hours. So why not start moving your business forward today?

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It’s never been as important to support SMEs as a peer to peer (P2P) lender, the lifeblood of Ireland’s economy. By becoming a P2P investor you can unlock attractive returns by funding small business loans to great local companies. You can start supporting homegrown SMEs with business finance with as little as €50.

The linked finance promise

In today’s challenging business environment, businesses need to move fast to adapt to the “new normal” and seize opportunities that come their way. So whether you’re just getting back in business or you’re flat out busy meeting new customer demands, we’re here to help you access finance quickly and simply. 


We need just 3 documents. No business plans, no projections.


No slow 'no' - We can give you a credit decision in just 24 hours.​


A dedicated Account Manager will see your application through.

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We offer:

  • “Kickstart” Business Loans

    – fast and flexible business finance to run and grow your business

  • “Restart” Stocking Loans

    – short term stocking loans to keep your business smoothly stocked

  • “Deferred Start” Loans

    – Designed for businesses directly affected by the Covid-19 shutdown, this product provides essential working capital with no repayments for 3 months

All of our loans offer no restrictions on drawdown and no penalty early repayment. So you stay in full control of your finances. 

ireland's Leading P2P Lending Platform

Linked Finance is Ireland’s first and largest peer to peer (P2P) lending platform. Since 2013, our online lending community has provided business loans to thousands of ambitious SMEs across the country.


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Companies we've supported

Linked Finance are open and actively lending to Irish SMEs that need access to a working capital loan, small business loans, funding for new stock and adapting their business to the changing business environment. Here are some examples of businesses we’ve supported with SME finance. 

Linked Finance
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Linked Finance
in the News

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It’s really great knowing that if an opportunity comes along, you have a finance partner who knows your business and can provide access to funding really quickly.

Laragh StrahanLolly and Cooks

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Peer to Peer (P2P) Lending
P2P lending is changing the face of banking across the world. It’s all about harnessing the power of the crowd, using technology to connect those who wish to invest in people, ideas and businesses with those looking for funding for such projects. 

Linked Finance
Linked Finance is Ireland’s leading P2P lending platform. Since our foundation in 2013, we’ve funded business loans of over €135m to over 2,500 businesses in every county of Ireland. We connect creditworthy local companies who need small business loans, working capital loans or stocking loans with thousands of online investors who wish to lend at attractive interest rates.