Ireland's largest

P2P lending network

Ireland's largest

P2P network

peer to peer (p2P) lending

Grow your business or investments with Peer to Peer (P2P) lending.

When Linked Finance launched in 2013 we aimed to solve a major problem facing small businesses in Ireland: access to funding. At the same time rock ­bottom interest rates frustrated savers with money to invest.

Using technology to cut out the middleman, Linked Finance brings business lending back to basics: where ordinary people with savings can connect and lend to trustworthy businesses that need working capital, business loans or stocking loans. This is called peer to peer (P2P) lending. Our online lending community is now provided much needed funding to thousands of ambitious Irish businesses.

At Linked Finance, we offer Irish SME’s a new alternative to bank loans for businesses. Real people can lend small amounts to great Irish businesses at very attractive interest rates.

Linked Finance is Ireland’s largest Peer to Peer (P2P) lending platform and our lenders are providing business loans of up to €300,000 to Irish SMEs in every county of the country and across every sector of the economy.

We allow our lenders to make a difference to Irish businesses and earn better interest rates while businesses are free to keep their focus where it should be: ­on growing their business. 

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Linked Finance launched in March 2013 and is Ireland’s first and largest business P2P Lending platform.

Peer-to-peer (P2P) lending is changing the face of banking across the world. In much the same way that technology has transformed the way we watch TV, listen to music, order taxis, book holidays and keep in touch with friends, P2P lending is re-shaping the way money moves between lenders and borrowers. P2P lending is about harnessing the power of the crowd. It uses technology to connect people with money to lend, directly to those who need capital.

Our community is made up of tens of thousands of local lenders who are ready to support homegrown SMEs. See the live total here on our stats page.

We have provided funding to thousands of ambitious businesses across Ireland. You can see exactly how many here on our stats page.

You can view up-to-date loan origination figures here on our stats page.

Linked Finance is the first & largest P2P Lending website in Ireland. The process is fast, efficient and transparent allowing lenders and businesses to take control of their finances.

Seriously Secure

Linked Finance has been designed from the ground up with state-of-the-art security. The integrity of your documents and information is our top priority! To protect you and your data we take every practical step...and a few more!

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Privacy Aware

Linked Finance is dedicated to protecting your personal data and identity. We will only use your information to help you maintain your profile in the customer database, to manage accounts, and to provide and manage our services.

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linked finance directors

Michael Cawley became Chairman of the Linked Finance board in August 2017.

Michael is also a Non-Executive Director of Ryanair Holdings PLC, having previously served as Deputy Chief Executive Officer and Chief Operating Officer of Ryanair from 2003 to March 2014, and before that as Ryanair’s Chief Financial Officer and Commercial Director.

A vastly experienced board member, Michael also holds directorships in Paddy Power Betfair PLC, Kingspan Group PLC, Hostelworld (Chairman), Gowan Group and is the Chairman of Failte Ireland. Prior to joining Ryanair, Michael was Group Finance Director of Gowan Group Limited. Michael holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree and is a fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Ireland.

Niall Dorrian was appointed CEO of Linked Finance in 2016.

A CIMA-qualified accountant with over 20 years of management, finance and strategy development experience, Niall has a strong track record in delivering profitable growth and business transformation. Before joining Linked Finance Niall held a number of leadership positions in telecoms, most recently as Director of Mobile for Eircom in Ireland and as Digicel’s Regional CEO for the Eastern Caribbean.

Niall has led significant business growth since joining Linked Finance, from €9m in loan origination in 2016 to €130m in Q1 2020.

Shay Garvey is the Founding Partner of Frontline Ventures. 

Shay is a highly experienced venture capitalist investor, with a career encompassing the corporate world in Exxon, Corning and McKinsey, and venture capital in Delta Partners and Frontline.

He has been part of teams that have raised eight VC funds totalling $500 million across 3 economic cycles.

Shay has invested in over 30 early-stage European tech companies and is a member of the board of Qstream, Roomex, Linked Finance, AQMetrics, TravelNest and Finbourne. A graduate of University College Dublin (BSc Eng) and University of New Brunswick Canada (M Eng), Shay also holds an MBA from the Harvard Business School. He is Chair of the Science Gallery Trinity College, as well as Genio (which manages the Social Reform Fund in Ireland). 

Peter O’Mahony is the founder of Linked Finance and remains actively involved in the business as a member of the Linked Finance board. 

Peter has over 20 years’ experience running successful businesses in London and Dublin. In London, Peter ran a direct mail printing business which he sold in 1997. He returned to Dublin to set up the Laughter Lounge Comedy Club.

He has guided Linked Finance from its foundation in 2013 and has overseen its rapid growth to become Ireland’s largest P2P lending platform. 

Jim Moore is CEO of and All Points Payments. 

An Electronic Engineer from DCU, Jim has more than 25 years’ experience in the ICT industry with Vision, Logica Australia, Autodesk Switzerland, Informix and Logica CMG Dublin, before starting several start-up companies which include ParkByText, BikeShare and All Points Payments. He also holds an MBA from University College Dublin.

Kingsley Aikins is CEO of The Networking Institute / Diaspora Matters

Kingsley Aikins is a Non-Executive Director of Linked Finance, having previously served as Chairman of the board from its inception until August 2017.

An Economics and Politics graduate of Trinity College, Dublin. Kingsley has spent over 30 years working internationally in the areas of trade and investment, philanthropy, education, culture, tourism and sport. As CEO of a major international non-profit organisation for 17 years, he has raised over a quarter of a billion dollars in 12 countries. Kingsley and his colleagues at The Networking Institute focus on delivering training in Networking, Philanthropy and Diaspora with corporations, governments and non-profit organisations.

Dearan Gordon is Company Secretary & CFO of Linked Finance

An ACCA-qualified accountant, Dearan has over 18 years’ experience in financial reporting and commercial finance roles. He spent 15 years working in telecoms in Ireland with Vodafone and internationally with Digicel. Prior to joining Linked Finance as CFO, Dearan was CFO in Digicel Panama. Dearan is the Company Secretary of Linked Finance.

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