Privacy, Security, Confidentiality

The Linked Finance platform has been designed to meet industry recognised security best practices and standards. We take the security of your information, documents and data seriously.

We take many steps to protect you and your data:

  • Access to our website requires an encrypted connection.
  • Every time you visit our site our web address begins with ’https’ and this indicates that every page you are viewing is secure and using strong encryption.
  • We perform regular security scans and conduct penetration tests to safeguard against attacks.
  • Card payments are securely processed by Stripe.
  • In line with best practice we do NOT store your debit or laser card details on our servers.
  • Your personal information on Linked Finance is password protected, and no one will be able to access your data unless you grant them permission.
  • All sensitive data is encrypted so that it is unreadable during transit and at rest.
  • Our servers are securely housed in state-of-the art secured data centres.

New threats and vulnerabilities are discovered every day and our processes, policies, systems, and controls evolve, not only to meet the ever changing risk landscape but to respond to changes within the business. This ensures we adapt to changes made to the platform, to our organisational structure and to third parties that we depend on.