Privacy, Security, Confidentiality

Linked Finance has been designed from the ground up for state-of-the-art ASP security. The security of your information, documents and data is LinkedFinance’s top priority!

We take every practical step to protect you and your data…. and a few more:

  • All communications on our site are encrypted with full AES 256-bit SSL security.
  • Every time you visit our site our web address begins with ’’ and this indicates that every page you are viewing is secure and using encryption. This extra layer of security may slightly slow down the website. The ‘s’ stands for ‘secured’.
  • Our secure certificate is from Digicert, the same company used by Yahoo and Rabodirect
  • When you log on to our site in most browsers your address bar turns green. This is because Digicert have conducted detailed identity checked our company Linked P2P Limited and issued an Extended Validation or EV certificate, the most trusted validation cert available.
  • Our security systems undergo a regular 42,000 point security scan.
  • Payments are securely processed by the same company used by Microsoft and Groupon.
  • In line with best practice we do NOT store your debit or laser card details on our servers.
  • Your personal information on LinkedFinace is password protected, and no one will be able to access your data unless you grant them permission.
  • All sensitive data is encrypted so that they are unreadable by the bad guys, even a simple password like 1234 looks like this – 12Bz/9:NlPLZk when stored on our server!
  • Our servers are securely housed in state-of-the art secured datacentres with full on-site ‘James Bond’ type security 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

If a more secure way of storing your data becomes available, we will use it!