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Linked Finance has thousands of members of the public willing to lend to you. These lenders support businesses they believe in, understand and want to see succeed.

Our business loans offer a fast, fair and affordable alternative for financing your plans to grow.

Affordable Rates

More affordable, fixed and fairer rates than the banks for unsecured business loans. 

Speed & Ease of Process

We will contact you today, credit assess within 24 hours and transfer the funds to your business account within 7 days.

New Customers

Turn our lenders into loyal, long-term customers for your business.

Grow & Expand

Get business loans for working capital, new equipment, extra staff or anything to help grow your business.

Dignified Process

We understand the lifestyle of the business owner and are here to make things as easy as possible.


Offer our community of lenders Special Offers, Trials, Discounts and News updates.

Favourable Terms

Our terms & conditions work for small business, such as no early settlement fee.


We manage all repayments back to the lenders for you during the term of the loan.

Win-Win combo

To sum up: Our platform provides the finance to grow your business and the new customers to support it, all in one package.

Irish SMEs love Linked Finance business loans...

"Not only did we get our loan fully funded, but we got to establish a connection with the Linked Finance lenders who supported us and we have already seen an increase in sales and enquiries"

Lisa Readan
GreenAer Ltd

“Access to a quick & flexible source of finance was essential to us. P2P lending provides a great alternative to banks. Linked Finance made the entire process as easy as possible and we will definitely use the platform again when we need to finance growth.”

Fergal Rogers
Viking Splash

"Our experience with Linked Finance was wonderful. We raised the funds we needed to grow the business and we got the opportunity to connect with great local lenders"

Deirdre Mc Cafferty
Cornucopia Wholefoods

FAQs about our Business Loans

How much can I borrow and what type of loan can I get?

The minimum amount you can borrow is €5,000. The maximum is €300,000. The loan is at a fixed rate of interest* and the term of the loan is up to 3 years. The loan is repayable in monthly installments and by direct debit.

The loan should be used to help grow your business. For example, you might use it for:

  • improving working capital
  • asset finance (such as the purchase of new machinery, vehicles or information technology)
  • expansion capital (which could involve employing a new salesperson to help grow your business)
*Further details on interest rates may be seen in FAQ 4

Who can apply for a loan?

Any established and creditworthy business, whether it is a limited company, sole trader or business partnership, can apply for a loan on Linked Finance.

Some conditions apply. These include:

  1. If you are a sole trader, you must be a permanent resident of Ireland.
  2. If your business is a partnership, it must have a permanent place of business in Ireland and at least half of its partners must be permanent residents of Ireland.
  3. If your business is a limited company, it must be registered with the Companies Registration Office (CRO).
  4. It must have filed accounts with the CRO (if required to do so) at least once and at least half of its directors must be Irish residents.
  5. Your business must have been actively trading for at least the past two years.
  6. Your business must meet our minimum credit risk and fraud criteria.
  7. Your business must not have any outstanding judgements for more than €250.
  8. In special circumstances, we can support younger companies who have demonstrated strong growth potential over a shorter trading history but this is at Linked Finance's sole discretion.

Who will I be borrowing from?

Our lenders will be ordinary individuals,companies or other organisations. All lenders must hold an Irish bank account. When a lender registers on Linked Finance, we check their identity according to the highest industry standards. By doing this, we know exactly who is joining the network.

What interest rate will I pay?

To ensure you get a fair interest rate on a Linked Finance loan, the rate you pay is always determined by our credit evaluation process. The rates available range from 6% to 17.5% depending on the term and the loan grade we assign to your request.

How do I borrow?

First, register as a borrower on Linked Finance. Second, complete our online loan application form. Once you have done this, we will request supporting documentation from you in order to carry out credit and fraud checks using the information you have given us. Your application cannot progress until we have received this documentation.

Then we will decide if we will allow your application to be listed on Linked Finance. If you are successful, we will tell you the loan grade we have assigned to your rate and the relevant rate. At that point you can decide if you would like to have your loan request published.

Once your loan request is posted on the site, the bidding process will start.

How quickly can I get a loan?

Once your loan request goes live on the site, bidding will commence. A limit of 14 days is typically placed on each loan request but loans generally fund a lot quicker. You can check out the ‘Live Loans’ section to see how long it has taken other businesses to fund.. Once your loan is fully funded, you can accept the loan and have the funds within 24 hours.

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