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When this leading stone contractor wanted to purchase machinery fast, Cairn Construction found that raising the finance through ‘P2P’ lending with Linked Finance was just what they were looking for.

In 2010, at the height of the recession, three men from the construction sector where given two options, they could either leave Ireland in search of work, or team up to form their own business.

They chose the latter & Cairn Construction was born. Based in Grange-Con, Co. Wicklow, Cairn Construction is a specialist contractor, highly regarded for its first-rate work with stone; producing high-quality cladding, paving and hard-landscaping solutions.

One of the men behind the business is Cathal Fanning. An accountant by trade, he looks after all of the administration and general day-to-day business transactions.

He is joined by Myles Jordan, a project manager, and Haxhi Ferati, a master stone mason, each with more than 15 years experience in civil projects around Dublin. This perfect blend of skills has helped Cairn to establish itself as a highly-regarded contractor with a reputation for excellence in what they do.

In the beginning, work was slow, but as more and more jobs were completed, the reputation of Cairn Construction grew. They began to get recognised for their high-quality work and were awarded with high-profile contracts.

Some of these contracts included work within Trinity College, Kilmainham Civic Space, George’s Quay and all works associated with the Dublin Bike Scheme, to name just a few.

With some prestigious contracts beckoning, and the business expanding, the three professionals decided the time was right to invest in new machinery. This sort of investment can be expensive, so Cathal set out to find the most suitable source of finance available.



“We found that more tradtional sources of finance just weren’t conscious of our needs. Business owners need finance that suits them, not the loan provider.”

Myles Jordan
Cairn Construction


The men wanted the machinery soon, so there was a necessity to find a fast, flexible source of finance that would cater to their needs. It wasn’t easy.

A lot of lenders wanted collateral, or lengthy business plans, or complex cashflow projections and the application processes looked like they would take a lot of time and work. Not ideal for busy business owners.

That’s when Cathal and the team discovered Linked Finance. This immediately appealed to the lads at Cairn Construction. The easy online application, the quick credit decisions, the flexibility to pay back early and the fact that Cairn didn’t need to put up security, really appealed.

Within a few days, Cairn Construction was ‘live’ on and their loan request was funding well. They garnered great interest from the lenders on Linked Finance and their loan request exceeded its target.

With Linked Finance, the team at Cairn Construction got the finance they needed to purchase their new machinery quickly and at a very competitive rate.

“After a diffcult start in finding the ideal source of finance we could use, we were all deligthed that Linked Finance were able to offer us a loan quickly, they listened to our needs and delivered just that.”

Cathal Fanning
Cairn Construction



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Case Study Snapshot

Business: Cairn Construction

Amount: €30,000

Purpose: Purchase of new machinery 


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