Two prime loans for this growing butchers

Clyne’s Butchers has been serving the community of Dublin 4 for over 90 years. When present owner Aoife O’Toole and her business partner Jack Hyland wanted to source a loan to invest in the business, they chose Linked Finance in order to raise the capital needed to support their ambitious plans.

After funding one loan through the site, the pair were so happy with the results that they decided to raise a second loan using the P2P lending platform.

Ever since its inception in 1926, Clyne’s Butchers has been serving generations of customers with high quality meats. Throughout the years it has stayed at the forefront of modern butchering and has adapted its product range accordingly.

As well as serving traditional cuts, Clynes offer fresh fish, vegetables and added-value products such as sauces, marinades & many ingredients. Clyne’s also cater for the various food and dietary requirements of the modern consumer by serving specialised high protein, low salt, low fat, and gluten free products.

Having built its reputation as an over-the-counter retail establishment, Clyne’s also enjoys a strong reputation in hospitality, supplying many private businesses, schools, crêches and restaurants across Ireland.

After taking over the business from her father in 2014, Aoife and Jack immediately set out to invest in the butchers. The pair wanted to renovate the shop, updating equipment and investing in both the internal and external appearance of the butchers.

Traditional methods of securing finance did not appeal to the new owners and after some searching they discovered that a P2P loan with Linked Finance was the perfect way to raise the funds needed.



“Using a platform like Linked Finance allows businesses the opportunity to grow. They made the process quick and easy. I’d highly recommend it.”

Jack Hyland
Clyne’s Butchers


After their loan went live on the site, Aoife & Jack were able to access Linked Finance’s network of local lenders. Not only did they receive the loan they wanted but they also got to connect with a whole new audience of people who now had a real interest in seeing the business succeed.

Getting their loan on site was a quick and easy process. Clyne’s proved to be popular amongst the lenders and Aoife & Jack were delighted with the outcome. So much so, that they didn't hesitate to use Linked Finance for a second time when they wanted to further invest in their business.

After the first loan successfully re-established Clyne’s as ‘the’ butcher in the D4 area, Aoife & Jack sought the second loan to push out and market the business, raising awareness of the brand and their renovated store in the media and wider Dublin area.

Both loans proved to be hugely successful, Clynes continues to grow and Aoife & Jack have become big supporters of Linked Finance and the P2P lending concept.

“Jack and I have become big fans of P2P lending. It’s a great alternative for businesses who need capital to grow. Linked Finance were a pleasure to work with.”

Aoife O’Toole
Clyne’s Butchers



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Case Study Snapshot

Business: Clyne's Butchers

Amount: €20,000 & €10,000

Purpose: To renovate the shop and market the business



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