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Successful coffee entrepreneur, Sean McEnroe, is one of a growing number of Irish business owners who have used Linked Finance on multiple occasions to secure fast, affordable and hassle-free finance.

16 years in the US showed Meath man, Sean McEnroe, just how big a business coffee was set to become in Ireland. He returned home determined to capitalise on this insight and in 2003, he established Coffee Perfection.

The concept was simple. Sean wanted to use his passion for great coffee and knowledge of the industry to become a successful supplier to hospitality operators and food-service retailers across the country.

Back then, coffee culture had already started to sweep the nation and Sean's new venture was perfectly placed to take advantage of a growing Irish appetite for good coffee.

Sean set about sourcing a high-quality range of coffees and equipment as well as developing a wide array of related services. The goal was to provide all of the support customers would need to operate a vibrant and successful coffee business.

Quality was always a central tenet. All of the coffees supplied by Coffee Perfection are carefully curated by in-house expert.

This commitment to quality along with the integrated range of ancillary services and disposables proved a winning combination. Sean quickly built a loyal customer base across the country, ranging from small independent coffee shops to large convenience chains and hotel groups.



“Applying to Linked Finance was, at first, born of necessity. We needed finance, and quickly. The fast and friendly service provided was really refreshing. Now, I always recommend them.”

Sean McEnroe
Coffee Perfection


Coffee Perfection achieved impressive growth in its first decade. As the business grew, so too did Sean's ambitions. He was determined to capitalise on a range of new opportunities that would take Coffee Perfection to the next level. But as most business owners know, when you've identified opportunities to expand, access to capital becomes a key concern.

In 2014, at a time when traditional sources of finance were hard to come by, Sean discovered Linked Finance. Coffee Perfection had some exciting plans afoot. They had acquired a new range and had some large contracts in the offing. The business wanted to increase working capital to support these initiatives with a €25,000 loan.

Linked Finance's P2P model, easy applications and fast access to funds made it a simple decision. The loan, and the projects it supported, proved hugely successful.

Since then, Coffee Perfection, has gone from strength to strength and Linked Finance has become Sean's 'go-to' option when the business requires finance to fuel plans for expansion. Coffee Perfection has used the Linked Finance platform on a total of five times since 2014, successfully raising more than €240,000 to support a wide range of new projects.

With the easy applications, quick decisions and business loans of up to €300,000 provided in just 24 hours, Sean believes Linked Finance will remain at the top of the list whenever Coffee Perfection needs capital to support growth.

Linked Finance are great. They make things so easy. As our business has grown so to has the level of support. They'll always be the first people we call when looking to fund a project.

Sean McEnroe
Coffee Perfection


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Case Study Snapshot

Business: Coffee Perfection

Amount: €240,500

Purpose: Range of projects over several years.