Funding the future of health food in Dublin

When this well known and much-loved restaurant wanted to finance the overhaul of their busy service counter and the expansion of their new food product brand, Cornucopia decided that a peer-to-peer loan via Linked Finance made perfect sense.

Run by Deirdre McCafferty, Cornucopia is a much loved and long established vegetarian and wholefood restaurant located in Dublin City Centre.

Since it opened in 1986, this attractive and comfortable casual dining restaurant has served over 5.5 million customers.

In 2015, Deirdre and the team at Cornucopia, launched their own brand of food products. They decided to raise finance to help expand this exciting new part of the business.

At the time, the restaurant was in dire need of a new service counter too. Deirdre began looking at ways of raising the €50,000 required in order to fund these 2 important projects.

A peer-to-peer loan through Linked Finance quickly became the front runner. Deirdre loved the concept. A peer-to-peer campaign would allow Cornucopia to access the funding needed for these projects quickly and with minimum hassle.

There would be no needless red-tape and Deirdre would be able to use the campaign as a way to promote the business and attract new customers. 



“Our experience with Linked Finance was wonderful. We raised the funds we needed to grow the business and we got the opportunity to connect with great local lenders.”

Deirdre McCafferty


With the loan request open for bidding, Deirdre and the rest of the team at Cornucopia delivered a masterclass in maximising the impact of a successful peer-to-peer campaign.

Hitting the local media, emailing customers, advertising the campaign via their website and sharing a short video appeal on social media are just some of the things Cornucopia did to boost awareness of their loan request on Linked Finance.

Deirdre also came up with a great package of special oers for lenders to encourage them to get involved at higher levels. This was a massive help in getting the loan funded quickly and a great way for Cornucopia to attract new customers.

Overall, Cornucopia’s was a massive success and the loan was funded quickly allowing Deirdre and the team to proceed with their new service counter and food products business.

“Linked Finance, have been wonderful to work with and have fully supported us through-out the campaign. We would highly recommend them to any business that is looking to grow and raise finance.”

Deirdre McCafferty



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Case Study Snapshot

Business: Cornucopia

Amount: €50,000

Purpose: Launching a new range of cold-pressed juices & a new service counter 


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