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Olivier Vander Elst runs electric bike and personal transport business, GreenAer Mobility. When Olivier wanted to invest in a new fleet of e-bikes, he identified P2P lending with Linked Finance as a great way to raise the capital and promote the concept.

GreenAer Mobility are specialists in electric vehicles who aim to provide smart transport solutions for a cleaner world.

The business began back in 2007 when Olivier started importing and distributing the worlds most affordable electric vehicle the Reva EV into Ireland. Since then, the business has grown to incorporate more innovative traditional bikes, electric vehicle and personal transport brands.

In 2013, Olivier wanted further develop the business by investing in a new fleet of e-bikes. These new machines would be rented to tourist for city tours of Dublin.

The benefits of the scheme would be twofold for GreenAer. The rental fee of €35 per day would add a healthy new revenue source for the business and the sight of tourists traversing the city on electric bikes would increase awareness of, and demand for electric bikes around Dublin.

Olivier set about finding finance for his exciting new project. Peer-to-peer lending with Linked Finance instantly captured his imagination.



“Our experience with Linked Finance was wonderful. We raised the funds we needed to grow the business and we got the opportunity to connect with great local lenders.”

Olivier Vander Elst
GreenAer Mobility


Raising a loan through the Linked Finance lending community would allow Olivier to access the funds he needed to get this new project off the ground.

It would also afford him the opportunity to raise awareness of the project while attracting new potential customers and advocates for his business. For Olivier the process was great.

Once Olivier’s loan request went ‘live’ on the website, it proved really popular with our network of individual lenders. It also made quite a splash across the press too.

The loan request achieved its target in a few days. Olivier was delighted with the outcome. His loan was funded, his project could proceed and he was able to significantly raise the profile of his business in the process.

Since the loan, GreenAer has continued to grow and Olivier has become a big fan of Linked Finance and P2P lending...

“I would definitely recommend the Linked Finance process to other SMEs and business owners. It’s a great way to engage with your customers and to get them involved in your success.”

Olivier Vander Elst
GreenAer Mobility



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Case Study Snapshot

Business: GreenAer

Amount: €12,000

Purpose: Purchase a fleet of e-bikes 


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