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At Linked Finance, we work with a growing number of accountants, brokers and financial advisors right across Ireland. Our Partner Network uses Linked Finance to help clients access capital, quickly and with zero hassle. Read this case study and then contact our Partnership Team to learn about the fees you could earn or the client discounts you could unlock as a Linked Finance Referral Partner...



Building trust and developing long-term relationships with clients is key to business success. That's why JJ Byrne, of leading accountancy practice, JJ Byrne & Co Accountants, values his relationship with Linked Finance and the fast access to client finance it affords.


Established in 2012, JJ Byrne & Co Accountants is a chartered accountants based on Vicar St., Kilkenny. 

As a fully chartered and certified practice, they are committed to providing a comprehensive range of services such as accounting, auditing, payroll, company secretarial, taxation, and business consultancy. 

With direct access to partners and senior professional staff members, J J Byrne & Co's clients have found the perfect finance advocate. The progressive additional services they provide means that opportunities will be quickly identified and capitalised upon.

They pride themselves on taking the time to get to know each business and gain a full understanding of the different aspects of its operation. That way, they are strategically ready to help clients meet financing demands with their expertise. 


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“In our practice client finance is a top-performing revenue stream. Fast and efficient access to finance is key to our clients success and growth. When our clients succeed, our business and revenue grows. Linked Finance really get the importance of direct access to fast finance for SME and broker success alike.”


MD of J J Byrne & Co Accountants



They've worked hard to build the trust their clients need to be their go-to business consultant, and Linked Finance has been there for JJ Byrne & Co and their clients everytime.  Their partnership with Linked Finance means they are perfectly placed to add value to clients' businesses by understanding their options and matching them to the right solution.

Businesses who become clients of theirs often tell them that turnaround from finance application to decision, is often critical for their business. That's why as part of a growing network of referral partners JJ Byrne & Co regularly direct their clients to Linked Finance. 

It's a win-win situation. Successful finance management makes for profitable business and in turn a successful accountancy practice. 

That's why at Linked Finance, we understand that speed and simplicity are crucial when it comes to accessing finance. The support we provide helps JJ Byrne & Co to unlock discounts for their clients and fee revenue to their own bottom-line. With easy applications, quick decisions and business loans of up to €300,000 in just 24 hours, it's no surprise that practices such as J J Byrne return to Linked Finance time and time again.


Linked Finance provides the type of immediate, hassle-free financing option that my clients require on a regular basis. They understand that speed of decision and drawdown can make a huge difference to a client's business success and their satisfaction with their broker.

J J Byrne FCCA
MD of J J Byrne & Co Accountants


We've taken all of the hassle out of applying for finance and we can provide your clients with business loans of up to €300,000 in just 24 hours. No waiting. No uncertainty. No delays.

If you work with Irish SMEs and require a flexible financing solution for your unique business, talk to Linked Finance today. Call our Partnership Team now on 01 906 0300 or use the form to request a call back.



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Business: J J Byrne & Co Accountants

Purpose: Business Finance


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