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When business partners John Hickey & Lee Pilkington wanted to install new software in their state of the art machinery, they researched P2P lending with Linked Finance and knew straight away it was the best option.

Precision engineering specialists, Milltech Toolmaking Services, supply the medical, automotive, aero-space, electronic and computer industries with high-quality machined tooling and component parts. Their clients are some of the biggest multi-nationals based in Ireland.

Founded in 2000 by John & Lee, Milltech has built up strong relationships with companies like Apple, Boston Scientific, and Stryker, gaining itself a reputation based on reliability, consistency of work, and for outstanding customer service.

Available to clients is an exceptional range of services, everything from design and prototyping, to 3D modelling and volume production. They’re known for working with short lead times and still delivering to the very best standards.

In January 2016, John & Lee wanted to purchase new operating software for a machine they had recently purchased. This software was important as it allowed the input of a client’s drawing directly into the machine for manufacture, increasing efficiency and speed when completing an order.

Staying up to date with the latest in technological offerings is very important for Milltech, so access to quick, flexible finance is essential.

Despite the upturn in the economy, many great local companies still find it diffcult to secure the funds they need to grow. Access to fast, affordable finance is still a key concern for many Irish business owners. 



“Next time we need a loan we will definitely consult Linked Finance first. The process was quick, easy and all the needless red tape isn't there.”

John Hickey


John & Lee set about researching various sources of funding, looking for the quickest and most suitable solution for their business. 

As soon as the pair came across P2P lending with Linked Finance, they knew it was the right option. 

In a matter of days, John & Lee’s loan was ‘live’ on John & Lee were delighted with the process.

Not only did they get the finance they wanted fast, but they were also really encouraged by the level of support shown by the 100‘s of lenders who backed the loan, they even received some favourable media coverage in the process.

This was John & Lee’s first foray into online lending, and they found it to be a great alternative for business loans; providing quick and easy unrestricted loans at competitive interest rates.

“I am very happy with how things went with our loan. P2P lending with Linked Finance is a great alternative for businesses to get access to the funds they need, we wanted the money quick and were able to get it in a couple of weeks.”

John Hickey



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Case Study Snapshot

Business: Milltech Toolmaking

Amount: €20,000

Purpose: Sourcing new operating software


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