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When this popular and long-established Dublin-based fashionista wanted to revamp her iconic store, raising the funds needed with Linked Finance was the obvious choice.

Ann-Marie Dabiri is the owner of Retro, a vintage-inspired clothing shop in the heart of Dublin City Centre.

Retro’s doors have been open for over 25 years, providing customers with the very best in quality, retro-style clothing, for men and women.

Originally, Ann-Marie operated from a modest stall in the George’s Street Arcade. When a shop space became available there, Ann-Marie jumped at the chance and has been there ever since.

These days Retro is a real treasure-trove for lovers of all things vintage, crammed with dresses, jackets and colourful & unique accessories. Before Retro, Ann-Marie noticed there simply was not enough vintage stores around to meet the growing demand.

Not only that, but there also wasn't any choice when it came to sizes. She decided to specialise in reproduction vintage dresses from the 1940s and 50s, all cut from original patterns, to fit all sizes.

Over the years, the business has gained a big following, not just among the people of Dublin but even celebrities. Singers like Blondie, Lana Del Rey, Imelda May, musician Nicky Wire and actor & comedian Noel Fielding are all regular visitors when they are in town.

In a city where more and more of the shops are chains and big name brands, Retro is very proud of its independence. The store is very popular with tourists who love what it stocks, commenting they simply can’t find anything like it at home.

As Retro approached a busy tourist period, Ann-Marie wanted to revamp the store. It had changed little throughout the years, with space at a premium. The revamp would help to better the use of space and make shopping at Retro an even more enjoyable experience.



“Next time we need a loan we will definitely consult Linked Finance first. The process was quick, easy and all the needless red tape isn't there.”

Ann-Marie Dabiri


Renovations like this can be costly, but lucky enough, Ann-Marie heard from fellow business owners in the George’s Street Arcade about a new alternative for business loans; P2P lending platform, Linked Finance.

As far as Ann-Marie was concerned the process ticked all the boxes. She would get access to the finance she wanted fast, allowing the refurbishments to be completed just in time for the busy tourist period.

The finance would also allow the flexibility of an unsecured, unrestricted loan, with no-early settlement fees. Best of all her business would be presented to thousands of local lenders, giving Ann-Marie the chance to promote her business and win new customers.

Ann-Marie was delighted with the outcome, she avoided the needless red-tape that makes traditional funding so arduous, and was able forge ahead quickly with the revamp. Needless to say, Ann-Marie has become a big fan of P2P lending.

“I heard great things about Linked Finance and they didn’t disappoint. As soon as the idea was explained to me I knew it was the right way to go. The whole experience was quick and stress free.”

Ann-Marie Dabiri



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Case Study Snapshot

Business: Retro

Amount: €20,000

Purpose: Revamp the interior of their Dublin clothes shop


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