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Tara Slevin Group has been a valued customer at Linked Finance since 2015.

Owner Edward Slevin has worked closely with Linked Finance and his dedicated Account Manager, Shane O’Connor, to organise business financing over the last eight years to boost manufacturing and distribution to customers across the country.


Business: Tara Slevin Group, suppliers of promotional products, office stationery, and print and design. 

Amount: €‎53,000

Purpose: Manufacturing of new and existing product lines

At Linked Finance we aim to provide speed, simplicity, and support for every customer we deal with to ensure they get the right business financing at the right time for them. For customers like Tara Slevin Group, they know what to expect and we make sure we provide support that won’t be found anywhere else.


Edward was contacted by Shane for a routine check-up in February of this year, he learned that Tara Slevin Group was looking to invest in manufacturing new and existing product lines to meet customer demand.

By the close of business the same day, Tara Slevin Group had submitted all the required documentation ready for processing by the Linked Finance team.

Before Edward had time to finish his morning coffee the next day he had received approval for the loan. From initial contact to receiving the offer, the whole process took less than three business hours.

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Timeline of just three hours for Tara Slevin to receive their business loan | Linked Finance


One of the main reasons why Edward returns to Linked Finance is that he knows that once he has spoken to Shane about what the company needs, we will take care of the rest.

After a couple of phone calls and a single signature the Tara Slevin team were able to draw down the funds straight away, bypassing the delays that they would oftentimes encounter while going through a bank.

“One signature to the overall agreement and that was it.

The money arrived in the bank.”

Edward Slevin, Tara Slevin Group

Simple and easy business loans for Tara Slevin Group | Linked Finance


Edward and the Tara Slevin team know there is always someone on the other end of the phone to speak to, and is a major reason why they turns to Linked Finance for any funding needs.

For any questions about documentation, the projected timeline, or any additional needs Shane was always at the other end of the phone to ensure everything went smoothly.

We pride ourselves on being able to provide a level of support that you won’t find anywhere else. We consistently maintain a customer satisfaction rating of over 95% to ensure we are always our customer’s first choice for business finance.

“I would highly recommend Linked Finance to all people who ask me about finances because of the simplicity of the loan and the people in charge of your paperwork stay with you until the end”

Edward Slevin, Tara Slevin Group

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