Staying a cut above the competition

James & Vanessa Coffey run The Modern Man barber shop. When the ambitious pair decided to turn their successful shop into an even more successful chain, they identified P2P lending with Linked Finance as a great way to raise capital and fulfill their dream of opening in more locations.

From their original store in Terenure, James & Vanessa oered a premium male grooming experience; a carefully crafted blend of modern styling mixed with the classic quality of a traditional barber.

On top of classic cuts, The Modern Man also offers luxury services such as hot towel shaves, complimentary tea and coffee, beer on the weekends, and even the use of video game consoles to make their customers feel right at home.

This belief in superior service as well a dedication to the craft of male grooming made The Modern Man a popular option for local gentleman in need of a quality ‘short back and sides’. 

So much so, that Vanessa & James were attracting customers from much further afield then they could ever have imagined. This led them to believe that their was real potential to expand their successful model into outlying areas.

They identified a prime location for their second shop and set about searching for a way they could finance this exciting new venture. A P2P business loan with Linked Finance instantly captured their imagination. 

Raising a loan through the Linked Finance lending community allowed James & Vanessa access to the funds they needed to get their new venture off the ground.


“Loans for small businesses can be hard to come by but working with Linked Finance was great. We received the loan we wanted and connected with new customers.”

Vanessa Coffey
The Modern Man


It would also afford them the opportunity to raise awareness of their project while attracting new potential customers and advocates for their business. It was a very easy process.

Once the couple’s loan went ‘live’ on the website, it proved a big hit with the Linked Finance lending community. James & Vanessa were very happy with the result.

Their loan reached its target, their project could proceed and they were able to significantly raise the profile of their business in the process.

Since the loan, The Modern Man barber shop has continued to grow and James & Vanessa have become big fans of Linked Finance & P2P lending, so much so, that the couple wouldn’t hesitate to use it again when the next location needs a new fit out.

“Linked Finance has given us the platform to be able to grow our business. They have been great to work with throughout and always supported us fully. I will definitely be back when the time comes to open our next shop.”

James Coffey
The Modern Man



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Case Study Snapshot

Business: The Modern Man

Amount: €15,000

Purpose: Finance the opening of a second location



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