New 5-Year Loans…

Michelle Cowley-Cunningham

Posted by on 24th January 2020

As part of our efforts to support a wider-range of Irish SMEs, we’ve just launched a new 60-month loan aimed at ambitious local businesses who want to invest in long-term growth…

New 5-Year Loans

These new unsecured loans are a welcome new way to finance capital expenditure projects such as equipment, plant, machinery, vehicles or technology.

This will help companies to invest in their long-term growth and commence projects crucial to competitive success.

As with all Linked Finance loans, you can expect the same great benefits and responsive service:

  • Easy online applications
  • Quick credit decisions
  • Dedicated account managers
  • Business loans of up to €300,000 in just 24 hours.

Opting for a 5-year loan will fund the future of SMEs with determination and ambition.

This is just part of a wider effort to support great local businesses as they navigate these uncertain and competitive times. We’ve also just reduced interest rates across most of our other loans. So now you can access hassle-free Linked Finance loans more affordably than ever before!

Give your business a competitive future and access 5-year facilities of up to €300,000 in just 24 hours. Request a Call Back to learn more…

Business Loans but Different

A Better Way to Borrow for Your Business

Linked Finance connects great local businesses who need loans with thousands of individual lenders. This is about using technology to bring business lending back to basics; real people with savings lending to great local businesses at attractive interest rates. Businesses get the funds they need to grow, lenders make a fair return. Everybody wins!

If you need a loan to grow your business, talk to Linked Finance

  • You get a same-day credit decision.
  • You can borrow up to €300K.
  • No early repayment penalties.
  • A friendly, no-hassle approach.
  • Promote your business.
  • Win new customers as part of the process.


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