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For fast working capital loans, look no further than Linked Finance. We interviewed independent non-bank lending specialist broker GDG Business Finance about their experience working with Linked Finance.

Talking non-bank lending with GDG Business Finance.

We interviewed Gary Grimes, Managing Director of lending intermediary GDG Business Finance about why looking past traditional banks for finance can be a good option for SMEs seeking fast working capital loans. 

Gary has over 15 years’ experience in the non-bank lending sector and his business GDG Business Finance is dedicated to helping SMEs access fast, no hassle funding for their businesses. He spoke to Linked Finance about his belief in the sector, the types of challenges businesses are facing right now to access working capital, and how Linked Finance is supporting his clients get the finance they need. 

See what Gary has to say in our 90-second clips below: 

Introducing GDG Business Finance and the non-bank lending sector.

What are the key benefits and differentiators of Linked Finance?

Challenges facing SMEs and tips to get you business credit approval-ready. 

What types of businesses are best suited to unsecured lending? 

Can we help your business access fast working capital loans?

If your business needs finance without all the fuss, find out more about our lending packages and apply for a loan today!

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