Loan Book Report Q4 2018

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Q4 was a record quarter for the platform with more than €11 million in business loans issued to Irish SMEs. It brought to a close a successful year that saw the platform exceed €80 million in total lending with almost €40 million of that activity happening in the last 12 months. 
There was a slight increase in the platform-wide default rate which now stands at just under 1.1%, up from 0.96% in Q3. This was largely driven by two defaults on loans issued in 2018, one of which has already been brought back up to date and out of default since the 31st December. 
In addition, we made significant progress on recoveries and missed payments this quarter. We recouped more than €110K in arrears from loans more than 30 days late and we also brought 4 long-term default loans fully up to date.
Below you can see the full report for Q4 2018 which looks at all loans originated up to 31st December 2018…

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