6 great websites to help you prepare your business for brexit

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We've brought together six of the best and most trustworthy sources of information to help you prepare move your business forward after Brexit.

The Brexit “transition period” is due to end on 31 December 2020. Regardless of the outcome on any potential trade deals, time is now of the essence to make the final arrangements to prepare your business for the changes and uncertainty ahead.

We’ve brought together six of the best and most trustworthy sources of information to help you move your business forward after Brexit.

1. Prepare for Brexit.com from Enterprise Ireland

A one-stop-shop from Enterprise Ireland to help businesses prepare for Brexit. On this site you can access a Brexit Readiness Checker to help you assess your preparedness and prioritise key actions.

You can also access the recently announced Ready for Customs Grant, providing €9,000 in grant funding for each newly-hired full-time employee engaged in customs work. There is also an online customs insight programme training course to try out.

2. Clear Customs Training from Skillnet Ireland

Designed for the employees of businesses who are, or will be involved in the import/export or facilitation of import/export of goods to, from or through the UK, this free 10 hour online training programme will equip your employees in customs procedures and the documentation that will be needed post-Brexit.

Find out more and apply online for Clear Customs training

3. Brexit and Business – gov.ie

Lots of useful links under the Take Action section covering all aspects from how to review your supply chain, information about certification and licensing, currency implications and managing your data.

Sector-specific information is also available for the most impacted sectors

4. Money Guide Ireland – Currency Exchange for Business

Currency exchange rates have been on a roller-coaster since the Brexit referendum in 2016. Any Irish businesses buying or selling stock or goods from the UK have an exposure to exchange rate risk.

This article updated in September 2020 has a comprehensive explanation of how exchange rate moves can affect business profits, and reviews a range of currency exchange brokers who can assist businesses in understanding and mitigating their unique currency risks.

5. National Standards Authority of Ireland Brexit page

The NSAI Brexit Unit is specifically focused on examining and communicating the impacts of Brexit on the Standards and Certification of products and services. Its remit is to provide support and guidance to Irish businesses and industry, to mitigate Brexit effects on Standards and Certification.

6. Intertrade Ireland

Numerous supports particularly to support businesses to understand their supply chain and the potential impacts that Brexit will have on it. Their searchable Tariff Checker will help those businesses moving goods from Ireland into Northern Ireland to plan the additional charges that may apply.

InterTradeIreland also offers grant funding of €2250 to businesses to help them with their Brexit Planning. Find out more here.

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