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Unleash Your Ambition – Quantum Fulfilment

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Ambition. It’s what turns a good idea into a great business. It’s the force that unites entrepreneurs across Ireland. It’s what drives them, day after day, to build the brilliant businesses that become the backbone of our economy.

At a time of increasing uncertainty, Irish SME ambition continues to dig deep. SME owners time and again turn to Linked Finance‘s game-changing lending to turn their ambitions into reality.

There are many things to put in place when planning an ambitious next step for your business. Making the time, detailing a plan, and accessing working capital each play a part.

Our new campaign is all about Irish SME heroes who’ve made that step. Meet one of those heroes here, Michael Corcoran of Quantum Fulfilment, and listen to what he has to say about how to grow your business…

Quantum Fulfilment

Michael Corcoran of Quantum Fulfilment is among thousands of ambitious Irish business owners who use Linked Finance to fuel their plans for expansion. He says that Linked Finance “…takes all the hassle out of accessing finance. They really get the importance of speed and simplicity to Irish SMEs.”


Read the full story of how Linked Finance has helped Quantum Fulfilment in their case study. Then unleash your own ambition with a business loan from Linked Finance.

Established by Micheal Corcoran in 2004, Quantum Fulfilment is a leading print and direct marketing company based in Rathcoole, Co Dublin. Cutting-edge commercial print equipment doesn’t come cheap and in Ireland, international providers don’t always offer affordable finance options. Read how their relationship with Linked Finance made it possible for them to procure technology time and time again. Read their case study now… 

Accessing Working Capital 

Whether your ambition is big or small, we understand it takes carefully crafted steps to turn new found strategies into long-term returns. Whether you decide to invest step-wise or all at once, a Linked Finance loan will fuel your ambition along the way. Applying to us means easy applications, quick decisions and dedicated account managers.

We’re here to support your ambition. Our online community can provide business loans of up to €300,000 in 24 hours…

If an opportunity to unleash your ambition has come along then Linked Finance can help.  We can provide fast, easy-application and affordable business loans to support your ambition to grow. Apply now.

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