5 reasons to choose a Linked Finance stocking loan for your business.

Posted by on 12th October 2020

As your business enters the busy Christmas period, you’ll want to have the financial resources ready to move fast to meet customer needs and keep well stocked.  If you want to invest in growing your business, purchase more stock, take advantage of a bulk purchase opportunity or improve your working capital then look no further!  […]

Preparing your business for reopening? Effective signage will help guide the way.

Posted by on 28th May 2020

We spoke to regular Linked Finance customer Michael Corcoran of Quantum Fulfilment about how he has adapted his business to operate within the new guidelines, and how he has adapted his printing business to offer an easy Covid19 signage printing service for his customers. 

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Reopening your business safely

Posted by on 9th May 2020

The Irish Government released its comprehensive “Return to Work Safely” protocol document today, 9 May 2020. It is designed to support those who are reopening their business in the coming weeks. To help with an introduction to the document and the types of things all businesses, from the largest to the smallest, will need to think about when reopening your business, we’ve produced a summary guide.

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Is your business ready to implement social distancing?

Posted by on 30th April 2020

SMEs often lack specialist finance advisers to help them turn raw finance data into business insight. They often rely on their intuition to see the bigger picture, and hope to get the detail right. Professional advice is always worth seeking; if it will help you build strategy from complex financial information, but there’s plenty you can do by yourself too, if you know what to home in on…

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