Irish Hotel Federation Partner with Linked Finance…

Posted by on 13th February 2020


Linked Finance, Ireland’s leading P2P lending platform, is transforming the way lending works for Irish SMEs. We’ve already provided more than €125 million in hassle-free finance to businesses from every sector across Ireland, of which hotels and restaurants are many…

New 5-Year Loans…

Posted by on 24th January 2020


As part of our efforts to support a wider-range of Irish SMEs, we’ve just launched a new 60-month loan aimed at ambitious local businesses who want to invest in long-term growth…

10 Social Media Tips to Attract Savvy Shoppers this Christmas

Posted by on 10th December 2019

Everyone is busy planning their Christmas shopping, perfect Christmas dinner and New Year’s party this time of year. They want everything to be just perfect, and your SME could provide the perfect purchase…


Use Financial Statements to Drive Your SME’s Growth

Posted by on 12th November 2019

SMEs often lack specialist finance advisers to help them turn raw finance data into business insight. They often rely on their intuition to see the bigger picture, and hope to get the detail right. Professional advice is always worth seeking; if it will help you build strategy from complex financial information, but there’s plenty you can do by yourself too, if you know what to home in on…

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Investment & Wealth Management Awards 2019 – We’re Finalists!

Posted by on 24th October 2019

Great news! Linked Finance has been shortlisted for Best Peer-to-Peer Lender at the Investment & Wealth Management Awards. A competition run by the Financial Times and Investors Chronicle, the shortlist is based on the results of their annual readership survey…

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New Beyond Brexit Loans…

Posted by on 2nd October 2019


According to the Irish government’s “Getting Your Business Brexit Ready” guide, managing cash flow is a key consideration of any practical preparation for Brexit. With this in mind we’ve just launched a new 18-month loan to help take Irish SMEs beyond Brexit…

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Avoid Autumn Tax Bill Headaches With Linked Finance

Posted by on 21st August 2019

Autumn tax season can be awkward for SME owners, especially for those growing or pushing themselves to export to new markets in the New Year.  Even after doing the paperwork and procuring a good accountant, your tax bill may yet surprise you.  As you know, working capital can dissipate quickly just when the tax bill arrives. Where then will you get the cash to pay? In this week’s blog we explain how a P2P loan can prevent this seasonal headache for your business and its operation.   


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Unleash Your Ambition – Quantum Fulfilment

Posted by on 15th August 2019

Ambition. It’s what turns a good idea into a great business. It’s the force that unites entrepreneurs across Ireland. It’s what drives them, day after day, to build the brilliant businesses that become the backbone of our economy.  

At a time of increasing uncertainty, Irish SME ambition continues to dig deep. SME owners time and again turn to Linked Finance‘s game-changing lending to turn their ambitions into reality.  

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